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Searching for the Hidden Falls | Laguna

Tourist Spots in Laguna
This is part of our Buntot Palos Adventure
Looking for a place to relax and enjoy the goodness of nature? THIS IS FOR YOU! Our journey here wasn't planned; if I am not mistaken, I only replied to our private message just twice and those were: Where's the meeting and what's the time? After the complicated shift at the office, we proceeded to our journey.

Buntot Palos and the Hidden Falls is situated in Brgy. Balian, Pangil, Laguna (3-hours travel from Manila). It is one of the eye dropping water falls located in the province. The area has a great environment plus the locals are friendly.

Before trekking, we registered and talked to our guide (guides are necessary) at the Baranggay Tanods quarter along the highway then proceeded to the drop off point. Another registration plus the collection of registration fees (30 Pesos for overnight) and started trekking. The first part is trekking; the trail is simple but trekkers must be careful because the stones and boulders are slippery, especially when wet. You also need to expect for a muddy trail since horses pass on the same way. Trekking Attire is advisable!

Pagsanjan Falls
photo of my TravellingCup and my rainbow HeadGear
Eel's tail is the original name of Buntot Palos and the hidden falls, this name was given because of the winding trail before reaching the natures goodness. From the registration area, it is about 2-3 hours trekking (but we got it for 1 hour, so trekking time will depends on you) to the camp site. A clean camp site is provided for those who wants to stay overnight and it is surrounded by flora and fauna. The relaxing sound of the water falls can also be heard. Camp site is just 5-10 minutes trekking to the hidden falls.

Cavinti Falls
Hidden Falls is measured approximately 80-meters high from its base and in 90-degrees angle. The mist of the water falls spread in the area, thus, it is surrounded by green and thick vegetation. The area is guarded by the enormous boulders which are covered by mosses, a proof that it has a balance ecosystem. The current of the water falls is strong but you can find an area where it massage your tired muscles.

Water Falls in Laguna
If you're looking for extreme adventure, you can also enter the cave located at the back of the water falls (photo above). According to our guide, the water of the residents of Brgy. Balian are from here. Before, the water basin was deep but because of the force of nature, a huge part of the boulders collapsed and spread on the basin. There was also a man made grotto here but due to typhoon, it also collapsed. Based on the photos that you're seeing, this water falls is friendly, but as per Kuya Sanny (our guide) the water reaches few meters from the basin. Want to read our journey? More photos and itineraries, click here: Laguna, Buntot Palos.

How To Get Here? Here's what we did:
From EDSA, we rode a jeepney going to Tanay Terminal (approximately 2-hour travel)
From Tanay, we rode a jeepney going to Siniloan, Laguna (approximately 2-hour travel)
From Siniloan Market, we chartered a trycicle going to Brgy. Balian, Pangil, Laguna (approximately 15 minutes travel)

Going Back to Manila:
From Brgy. Balian, we rode a tricycle going to Famy Market, in Laguna.
Rode an FX at the terminal near the gasoline station, we rode an FX going to the Metro.
(Same area,  you can also take a bus ride - but buses are scheduled)

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