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Mt. Pico de Loro | Cavite

Mt. Pico de Loro
According to history, many years ago, it's the Spaniards who discovered the form of a giant rock which is like a parrot's beak, perched in the mountainous part of Cavite. They named it "Pico de Loro" or "Parrot's Peak." And now, Pico de Loro is one of the first option in the list of mountains for the newbies in this field.  Thus, mountaineers who visited Pico de Loro discovered it's natural beauty of both flora and fauna.

Mt. Pico de Loro
Going to the summit is not easy especially when its rainy.  But, while on the trail, you can see how beautiful the forest in this mountain is.  There was a part of the trail where you can see a tree with a newly bloom red flowers.  Since our trip was a rainy day, we enjoyed the gushing water on every streams we saw. Photos were captured using my mobile phone, kaya medyo blurry ng konti.

Mt. Pico de Loro
There were parts of the trail which you can see other mountains that surrounds the area. The trail has two parts: the first one is a gradual hike going to the Camp 1. The second is the steeper hike in a forest area all the way to the summit, which includes the 7 minutes assault. 

Mt. Pico de Loro
The monolith
Mt. Marami
The campsite, taken from the summit
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Mt. Pico de Loro
Pico de Loro or the monolith
From the camp site, you can see the Parrot's Beak or the Monolith, which is the center of attraction. The Parrot's Peak is at 90 degrees, so your climbing ability is needed, you need to be very careful on your steps.

Mt. Batulao
Before the campsite, you will be passing through the bamboo cluster, on both sides of the trail. Bending your knees was one of the challenging parts.

Going down to the base of the Monolit

Batang Hamog
rock climbing to reach the monolith
Mt. Gulugod Baboy
going back to the camp site

the relaxing water falls
The best part of this trip is the waterfalls located before Camp 1 (if you are from the summit.) The sound of the gushing water is like a soprano in my ears.  But, be careful because the rocks are slippery, don't follow what I did, hahaha.  Here's what happened, I tried to dive from a rock formation to the water, but unfortunately I was able to reach the basin and it so happened that there were rocks that hit my forehead, that really hurts!
How to Get Here | From Baclaran, we took a ride in an Airconditioned bus going to Ternate, Cavite. Then, we chartered a jeep going to DENR.

Going Back to Manila | From DENR, we rode in a tricycle going to Bus Terminal. Then, rode in a Bus to Baclaran.

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