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Passport Renewal

Getting your passport is much easier today! Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) placed their satellite offices in some malls nationwide. Before going to DFA Offices, make sure to visit www.passport.com.ph and placed your appointment (applicable for new applicant and renewal.) The website will give you option for where (DFA Office) and when (the available dates); you just need to select the best site and date in your convenience. Next part will be the Online Form, just fill out the form with your personal information. Then, the site will redirect you to the next Part, which is the list of the requirements. MAKE SURE TO WRITE and RECORD EVERYTHING that is listed! When you’re done, print the form on a legal size paper (long bond paper.) If you are renewing your passport here are the requirements: Personal appearance, processing fee, bring your original passport with photocopy of the first and last page, photocopy of your valid ID and original birth certificate.

My appointment was in DFA Megamall at 11:00AM.  I allotted a lot of time just to make sure that I am on time. DFA Megamall is located on the 5th Floor, Building C. I was getting a hard time finding the  bridge that connects the main building to Building C. Follow this -> proceed to the 5th floor! If you’re on Bldg. A; take the right aisle of the building and walk few meters. If you’re on Bldg. B; take the left aisle of the building and walk few meters. If you’re confused, never hesitate asking questions to the people surround you!

Here are the steps to Follow in DFA:

1. Verification – at the entrance, there are receptionists who validate your printed form.
2. Processing – this is the area where your requirements will be submitted.
3. Cashier – the step where you need to make your payment (700 pesos for regular and 1200 for express.)
4. Encoding – your personal information will be encoded in the data base; your photo and finger prints will also be captured here.
-> Delivery (Optional) – if you want a hassle free transaction, you can sign up for a passport delivery for 120 pesos.
5. Exit – and you’re done! You can also visit this link: PushNatinToe

Things to know: "Photo copier is available at the DFA; but if you can photocopy all your requirements before proceeding to the DFA, it’s better."

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