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Hoomia presents the Good Stuff

Mandaluyong, Philippines, 06 May 2014 – Hoomia believes that humming to one’s favorite sound is a feast for the sound and mind. At the press launch today, Hoomia presented headphones that satisfy the nostalgic, nature lovers and the playful.

Featuring full-range and dynamic sound field, Bon 9 emulates the old telephone design with excellent treble, vocal performance, and noise cancelling. Golden Pin design Awardee, Hoomia Bon5 was also featured in the show, the in-ear stereo headsets revive the warmth and acoustic efficiency of natural materials such as saffron pear, ebony, and maple. The magical experience of being youth was brought back to life by the Hoomia Magic Pencil, which prides itself with high purity of tone and rich layer of stereo sound quality.

Hoomia headphones were also featured in the press gathering, showing the Hoomia choices for the ultra-modern and classic design lovers. Utwo Ace which sports 30mm drivers with slim and soft painted covering and the U3 Classic fold flat 40mm driver headsets, both deliver vivid and accurate sound reproduction and deep bass response.

 (this is part of PhilTeq Enterprise Inc. Launching)

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