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Jaro Church | What to Visit in Ilo-Ilo

Jaro Church
This was part of my Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 2

From Bacolod Port, I took Ro-Ro going to Domangas Port, Ilo-Ilo to save more money. From Domangas Port, I rode a tricycle going to the drop off point where I rode a jeepney going to Ilo-Ilo City proper. While on the going way, and I don’t have any idea about my destinations, I kept asking those ladies beside me to please remind if when to get off the jeep. We even talked about their place and the other gorgeous places near them. While on that conversations, I noticed that we’re already in the city, because of the commercial structures beside the highway.

One structure that captured my attention was an old belfry, and it was really familiar. So, I get off the jeep in front of the grocery store then stayed in the fast food resto and took a sumptuous lunch – 1 pc. Chicken with rice and regular coke. After that, I crossed the highway and proceeded to the old Belfry (photo below.)

Jaro Belfry

What to Visit in Il-Ilo
front view of the church
In front of the Belfry is Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral. This church is another example of the historical baroque architectures in the country. Built in 1864 by the order of Mariano Cuartero, who is the first bishop of Jaro. In 1948, this structure was destroyed by earthquake and was restored in 1956 by the order of the first archbishop Jose Ma. Cuenco. The famous orator, Graciano Lopez Jaena was baptized in this church. In 1976, this church was proclaimed as Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute. After taking photos, same spot, I took a jeep going to Super then another jeepney ride going to Miag-ao Church.

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