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Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.San

I am a type of person who loves extreme challenges. In my interest, which are hiking and travelling; I don’t care if I get wounded, get rashes, get insect bites or even get dark and dull skin, as long as I am enjoying everything I am into it! Those marks coming from those instances can be removed thru science, but the memories and happiness will remain the same.

Before hiking or travelling, I consider everything; from my personalized itinerary, budget, weather and my personal stuff. My personal stuff will depend on the weather of the location I want to visit. We all know that the sun UV rays is the most comment reason why we have skin problems; so it is advisable to use skin protections: like long sleeves, lotions, creams, and others. So right after the journey, and after using the protections, it's time to use my skin's best friend.

One thing that I need to make sure that it’s in my backpack, my Kojie.San soap. For me, this is my skin’s best friend, regardless of what happened in the journey, Kojie.San makes my day complete. As it protects, revitalizes and exfoliates my skin after the tiring travel. Kojie.San soothes my tired muscles, cleanses my skin from the dirt and grimes and at the same time nourishes for a better skin tone. Remember, skin tone is like a mirror, it reflects individual's positive outlook and how he/she handles everything. So, if you have radiant and beautiful skin, it means you're less stress.

 Aside from being an outdoor enthusiast; I also work for a BPO and a freelance talent, so I also need to consider my physical appearance. It's really challenging to maintain good physical appearance versus being into outdoor sports, but still there are products who can help us achieving our dreams and at the same time, maintaining the richness of our glow -> it's the Number 1 Kojic Acid Soap in the Philippines.

What is Kojie.San?

1. Kojie.San is the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine market.

2. Kojie.San has a micro peeling effect which makes it a potent whitening product.

3. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.

4. It contains anti-oxidants and 100% all natural ingredients.

Why Kojie.San?
I grew up in the province, so when I started working in the BPO based here in Metro Manila, I met a lot of new individuals and friends. My friends always said: “you’re the perfect example of the old Filipino’s, kailangang ilagay ka sa Museum.” Because of my character: “Maitim, Sarat and Ilong, Makapal ang Labi at Kulot ang Buhok.” I know that it was just a joke, but still I felt I was degraded. After few weeks of being harassed and bullied, I started using peeling and whitening creams just to improve my skin tone. I tried several products and I noticed some changes. It was a good indication that there’s still hope for my problem.

 Just three years ago, Kojie.San was introduced to me by a friend. She mentioned that she’s using this product for quite sometimes and it perfectly worked in improving her skin tone. So, I conducted a research and studied online about this product and the benefits that I can get from. Here are the facts about Kojic Acid soap: Using Kojic Acid soap on a regular basis reduces the dull appearance of age spots, reduce freckles, reduce skin discoloration, strengthen cell activity, good in exfoliation and many more. I also read the comments from the users and they were all positive. So I tried it!

The trusted Kojic Acid Soap prescribed by dermatologists is now available in Kojie.San Skin Lightening Soap. Kojie.San uses the original and pure Kojic Acid to make sure that users will have a positive improvement on their skin tone – like me. It also contains sweet orange, VCO, Glycerine, Vegetable Extracts and Vitamin C, who are the best friends of human skin.

In my point of view, there’s no need to be afraid of the skin damages that you might get in discovering new things and ideas. No need to spend your money for those expensive brands which you’re unsure about the results of those products. For an affordable price, there’s always a solution and prevention; with Kojie.San soap, you have the right to choose both happiness in doing you interest and at the same time gaining an improvements with your skin and health – as a whole.

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