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Beach Hut Max 100++

Too much sun exposure is really a big NO on the skin.  Sun rays can damage your skin including your skin tissues which can result to skin discoloration, dry and dull skin.  Now, how can you enjoy the beauty of nature if you will hide under beach umbrellas or staying inside a room?  Try Beach Hut Max 100++ and remove your worries while enjoying your outdoor activities.  I can guarantee you that this Product can protect you from the harsh sun UV rays.

Like me – I love OUTDOOR Activities, last June 9-10, 2012; I (together with Batang Hamog Mountaineers) went to Mount Manabu in Batangas for our FREEDOM CLIMB 2012.  That day, the sun was really destructive, even we were inside an air-conditioned fast-food chain, and we can still feel the heat outside. 

Two days before that event, I went to a supermarket to buy everything I need, like my personal stuff.  While reading on the brands and labels on each product, one brilliant color got my eye’s attention.  It’s the “Beach Hut Max 100++.” Since I need sun block to protect myself from harmful sun’s UV Rays, I bought one of its kinds.

Beach Hut Max 100++ - has micronized ZINC Oxide Technology, it is also proven hypoallergenic; non greasy and has dry feel after the application; since it has SPF100, it can give you extreme protection that can prevent skin darkening. 

So, what are you waiting for??? Buy Beach Hut Max 100++ now.

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