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Mt. Manalmon

Mt. Manalmon
A month ago, Sharon and I planned these year-end special climb for Batang Hamog Mountaineers.  Although, we all know that everyone was really busy preparing for the Christmas Season.  Few weeks after the formal announcement (including the date and location) a lot of the members already created their own activity on that specific date, so as a result, just the two of us will be doing the day trek, so we added a sidetrip going to Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga as per VP Jerald.

Night before the climb, Jeremy, Franz confirmed that they will be going with us, so everything was settled and we slept happily ever after.  Early in the morning, I texted the three, but Franz replied, Janneth will be with us so, that's it we were five!

Five-Star Bus Terminal EDSA-Cubao, bus fare is 117pesos. (Cubao to Camias)
Departure: 4:37AM  -  Arrival in Camias: 6:35AM (Total Gas station)
Breakfast  - Hot Gotong Baka with Pandesal just beside the gas station.

From Camias to the Jump Off
Travel Time: 7:14AM to 7:47AM
Tricycle Rental: for 300 pesos, good for 5pax.

8:23AM started trekking
8:26AM reached the Madlum  Cave  where the golden statue of St. Miguel was found - according to history
9:33AM reached the peak of Mt. Manalmon
9:47AM descended
11:00AM reached the base camp then took a long break with snacks and everything
12:00NN reached the small cave
12:52PM reached the Bayukbok Cave
1:45PM reached the base camp and took a rest, lunch and shower

3:45PM Goodbye Mt. Manalmon, Hello Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga
At the Jump off, rode in a tricycle to Total-Camias for 200 pesos; we were 3 passengers
Took a bus from Total-Camias going to Robinsons - Pulilan for 43pesos (rush hour begins at 5PM, so expect for a heavy traffic)
6:50PM reached Robinsons – Pulilan
Took a short break while waiting for the FX bound for SM Pampanga

7:35PM FX departure and 8:19PM arrival Robinsons Starmills Pampanga (Fx Fare is 60 pesos)
After the Giant Lantern Festival, we went to SM Pampanga, just across Robinsons, to take our dinner, which was around 9:30PM for dinner, I don’t know if it’s too late.

After dinner and rest, we went to Bus Terminal; IMPORTANT REMINDER: that time, there was NO bus passing at the Mall terminal; HERE’S WHAT WE DID: we took a long walk going to Toyota to easily get a bus, but unfortunately  NO BUS AT ALL! So we went back to SM Pampanga in the Jeepney terminal going to Dau Bus Terminal.  This jeepney trip going  Dau is worth 30 pesos for 30 minutes.

Here are some of the Photos that I can publicly publish.  Starts from crossing the Madlum River to get into the Base Camp.  Remember their was no other security instruments to use in crossing, just your hands holding the cable.  So, if you loose your grip and fell, good luck! you need to use your swimming talent.

Madlum River

madlum caving

Madlum  river crossing

Mt. Gola

madlum river


horror stories in Madlum River

history Madlum river
Here are the photos taken during our caving adventure in Madlum Cave and Bayukbok Cave, just few meters from Mt. Manalmon's peak and Base Camp.

Madlum Cave

roped segments madlum river

Caving Madlun River

Bayukbok cave
After the Mt. Manalmon and Caving experience, Here are some photos taken at Robinsons Starmills in Pampanga, for the brief history of this annual event.

Robinsons Pampanga

Giant Lantern festival
And after the stunning festival, we were so hungry, my knees were shaking with the Gangnam Style as the background music, that was around 9:30PM, so we decided to take our too too too late dinner at SM Pampanga, just across the other side highway.

The whole adventure in Bulacan and Pampanga was really perfect.  In one day we were able to fullfill our dream - and that was to have a great climb experience after Mt. Tarak last October.  At least now, we don't need to bring a lot of mountaineering equipments like our tents and everything plus a 3 liters water.  I can suggest Mt. Manalmon to all the first timers, but wants to have a unique experience.

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