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Olympus Super Macro

December 23, 2013 when I accidentally discovered the "Super Macro" feature of my Olympus Tough camera. I know that my Tough series have that amazing feature, but I didn't mind that, it's been a year now when I got this set and I thought I was using all the features perfectly, but I was wrong.

I am not a professional photographer; but I love taking photos of mountains, beaches, plants, flowers, insects and other nature related landscapes. When I tried taking Super Macro shots, the first shot seems to be stunning and vivid; so I did my second and more photos. The outcome seems to be great! 

Violeta is a flower that almost spread on our backyard. I love this flower because of its gorgeous features. It actually measures 1cm or less and honestly, I was getting a hard time taking pictures of this flower using just the basic settings of my digicam. But in this shot, look! Violeta seems to be huge and the details, colors and the focus are really great. 

The flower on the left is actually from a grass, which I don't know its name. It is much smaller than the Violetas; but as what you can see, the color is really pure. The shape and the details on the center appear to be the highlights of this shot!

This black beetle on the left, in terms of size, is totally small. It feeds on the leaves of the white flower (above.) The focus on the beetle is amazing and the leaves details are still good. Super Macro is unbelievable but it’s really true. I am enjoying it with butterflies, ants, grasshoppers, spiders and other cute insects.

Early in the morning, every time I wake up, these orchids seems to be very welcoming. The dew on the petals are like crystals and are like a diamonds in the sky.

Super Macro” feature was interesting. It can create great shot that focuses on the gorgeous details of little but amazing things. Discovering this camera feature is such a majestic gift this Holidays. I’ll include “Super Macro” in the category section of this blog; so that on my next journey, you’ll see the difference of my first shot to the latest shots! Hope to see improvements and discover more on this field.

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