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Bulakan, Bulacan - An Hour Decision

Last quarter of 2012, I had a solo-backpacking done in the province of Bulacan. Read Here: 30 Hours Historical Adventure in Bulacan. So from the municipality of San Miguel, San Ildefonso, San Rafael, Baliuag, Pulilan, Plaridel, Malolos, Guiguinto, Balagtas, Bocaue, Marilao and now Bulakan, Bulacan. (Click the yellow links for more info)  -  March 28, 2013 is our regular shift, ordinary day, no other special occasion aside from having a double pay.  Early in the morning, since it's holy week, all of us were talking about religious beliefs.  After that topic, we brought different stories that holy week is connected.  Like penitensya, pagpapapako sa krus and other things were brought up.  All of us were open to different topics so everything was okay with religion.

We were four sitting on our station and everyone shared different stories on how the residents of our provinces are celebrating the holy week.  Every stories were quite familiar, unlike what Cindy's shared: Dakip and  the Sta. Inez stories.  Those were both unfamiliar to us and it was my first time hearing that stories.

I am not a catholic believer, but as you can see in my blog, I always feature historical cathedrals and churches because I love unique stories and it always occur in those places.  Since Cindy's stories were both unique, right after our lunch break at 10AM, we finally decided to log out at 12NN to visit her place and discover new things.

After logging out at the office, we went to Ortigas and took an aircon bus going to German Espiritu, just beside the Petron Gas Station-Maine Cubao and SM Hypermarket.  Since it's holy week and EDSA don't have a road congestion, our travel was safe and smooth.

The residents doing the Penitensya
 While we were in the bus, we saw the green surroundings of Bulacan.  It was a sunny day that's why we enjoyed a lot starring on both sides of the highway, while the bus was running.  From Cubao to German Espiritu Bus Terminal, I spent 53 pesos, then a tricycle ride going to Sta. Inez.  Since the owner of the tricycle, is the father of our office mate, Cindy, no money spent. 

While we were in the tricycle, we saw several resident outside their houses and waiting for the penitensya.  The area of Sta. Inez was clean, and the people were so accommodating.  They even smiled to us while we were inside the tricycle.  There were some corners which some of the people were singing the traditional pasyon

When we arrived at the house of the Cruz Family, the whole family actually had a warm welcome for us.  They also prepared food for us - as in a lot of food, and that time we were only two, so our stomach were really full.  After our lunch, we had a short talk while waiting for 6PM for "Dakip."  But at around 4PM, we begun strolling while riding the cute tricycle.  We've been to different corners and areas there, just to search for the location of the play.  We also went to some old houses and churches nearby.

A lot of devotees were doing the penitensya in this municipality.  Some were carrying the huge cross and some were hitting themselves while walking on barefoot.  It was my first time to witness this kind of procession, so I was really shocked when I saw the blood coming from the open wound at the back of each devotees.  That was really a strange religious vow, because they exerted everything they have in their body.  The weather that time was really hot, wearing nothing on their feet, the open wounds, the stress they felt while walking, everything was really not simple.

The church of Our Lady of  the Assumption was busy, because many pilgrims coming from different locations were doing their bisita iglesia, and they included this heritage church.  This church is just in front of Municipal Hall and also has a historical background.  Just to let you know, The municipality of Bulakan is one of the oldest towns in the Philippines and was became the encomienda or capital of the Provincia de la Pampanga.  It was also the first capital of the Province of Bulacan before it was moved to Malolos City after the American occupation.

I don't want to talk about why they keep on doing this, because I do respect their freedom.  Anyways, the sacrifice that everyone exerted just for the lenten events were so amazing. The people of Bulakan had a great unity in terms of the lenten season.  From the security of the local government,  and to the effort of each of the residents- TWO THUMBS UP for you! and see you soon!!

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