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Guiguinto Old Train Station

Built in 1661, the Estacion de Guiguinto (Guiguinto Train Station) is the towns most acclaimed historical landmark and heritage site.  It was upon this that the Katipuneros (Filipino guerillas during the Spanish Regime) ambushed a train from Dagupan, killing six friars, including the parish friar of Guiguinto, Fr. Leocadio Sanchez, and the Spanish doctor.  The incident inspired Severino Reyes to author the novel "Opera Wlang Sugar" which was later made into a movie entitled "Walang Sugat." - source: www.bulacan.gov.ph


Since I have no idea on the exact location of this special artifact, after getting off the jeepney from Plaridel, Bulacan, I tried to ask some residents if they know about it, but unfortunately they don't.  I looked for some tricycle drivers, some know, but some don't, maybe because they are younger?  Their was an old driver, he was the one who know more about it, but he's not sure if that is the location that I am looking for.  Just to make sure, I tried to visit that landmark.

When I was still inside tricycle approaching this landmark, I was amazed by the archetectural plan of this structure.  Even when you are few meters away from this structure, you can still see and notice that it is composed of thick red bricks and full of arts. 

Before entering the old station, I saw 3 guys (one wearing guard's uniform, one sitting on a bicycle and one wearing jersey) I had a chance to speak with them about that structure.  They actually know that it was an old Train Station, but they don't know the historical background of it, even the year it was established. 

According to them, their is a plan to build a new and modern train station in this area, if when? not sure about it.  I ask the man in uniform, if that plan will be finalized, what will happen to this structure.  The guard answered: "They will destroy it and replace by the new one."  I was really shocked on what I've heared that time and I've lost my next question. 

Seriously, me as a blogger, I am not in favor in destroying that historical structure, the Department of Tourism, the Municipality of Guiguinto and other historian should do a necesary steps in preserving this Guiguinto Old Train Station for the future generation.

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