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Mt. Marami

Mt. Marami
It's been a long time since we were planning to climb this mountain, but the plan resulted to the other mountains.  The original plan was to do a traverse of Mt. Makiling.  But 4 days before our plotted dates, we just knew that it's not advisable to do an overnight in Makiling due to some reasons, so since our schedules were fine, why not doing an overnight in Mt. Marami.

Mt. Marami is situated in Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite, Philippines.  This mountain is very accessible to every mountaineers coming from Manila.  No need worry about your budget because it's cheaper compared to the other.  Given the fact that this mountain has a simple trail, so very advisable to the newbie.

If you're going to search Mt. Marami using master google, a lot of the bloggers said that this mountain is almost the same with Mt. Pico de Loro, situated almost in the same area.  The is so true, this two mountains actually have the same features, although I was happier  to this mountain because a lot of boulders can be found here, so I was able to create more poses.

I'll start my story from the Brgy. Hall of Brgy. Ramirez.  When we're done and settled everything (guide and fees) while we were waiting for the horse as our porter, we took our lunch break beside the basketball court located in front of the barangay hall.  As usual, while eating our packed lunch we bought at different fast food chains in Baclaran, we took a lot of photos while taking a rest and preparing our ourselves for our journey. Some of us took a porter (a horse) to carry their huge backpacks.  From barangay hall, it was a long walk, taking the road with less trees on the side, so the sun was striking our silky skin, good thing that I was using my arm warmer that time.  The road is not cemented, I think it's 2-3 kilometers walk.  Beside the road are trees and coconuts.  But be careful on the horse poops that scattered anywhere - again be alert!

Mt. Marami
After being dried while walking on the road, we crossed the first river.  I know summer is here, but the river still has a clear water, but I am not sure if it's clean, because again, the horse poops were still there.  We were all hopping to every stones - this is to avoid getting our shoes wet.  Right after the river crossing was a short assault going to a wide and open area that only has grass and coconut trees. 

Next part was a challenge, this is what the other hikers were talking about.  It's better to get guides, the trails were really complicated.  This part at least have trees that cover us from the sun rays.  No need to worry about trail class, because everything was simple.  It was a happy walk until we reached the house of Nanay Mercedez.  She offered 3 buko and the 9 pieces of boiled banana.  We bought the buko for 10 pesos each and then the bananas were for free.  They were so kind to us, they even joking.  After the few minutes rest, we gained our strength again, it's time to push ourselves to the summit.

Mt. Marami
Few meters walk from Nanay Mercedez's house was another river crossing.  In this part, we saw the bridge made up of bamboo and woods.  But since we're tired because of the hot weather, we just captured picture then proceeded walking.  It was more than an hour walk until we reached the part we called the park. 

Mt. Marami
The park is an open area with green grass on the ground with acacia tree on the right side.  Since the area is open, the fresh and cold wind passes through the whole area.  It was a calming afternoon while we were lying on the ground.  We were four that time, relaxing while the other were taking the assault part.  When we're done resting in place, we ascended the assault part.  It was a simple assault, but the sun shine was still striking.

Mt. Marami
After few minutes of walking, we saw our group members, having their rest while drinking fresh coconut juice.  So again, we took our rest, enjoying the fresh air and the green surroundings.  We been there for like more than an hour, because the sun rays really hurts.  When everything was settled, we begun to take the remaining assault part.  In this part, we got a hard time walking on the trail because the ground was really dry, and the sand made the trail slippery.  But it wasn't a huge problem.

Next part, we reached the bukal or the spring.  The spring has water on it, but I am not sure if it's safe because the hole on the ground also have dried leaves, tadpoles were swimming in the water and the horse's poopz can be found anywhere.  We rested, had a break, had a lot of fun while the wind was blowing my long, curly, black and shiny hair. Another thing I noticed was the garbage beside the resting area, just few meters from the spring. There were plastic, bottles and other non-biodegradable materials. I felt sad, because I saw the other hikers and even the guides throwing their waste to this area. They thought, it's a garbage bin.

Mt. Marami
After the bukal was a bit simple assault, with grass on the side of the trail.  That part is the perfect place to capture the horizon.  In this part, the cogon grass were beside on the steep trail then going to the kubo.  We just rested for few minutes then proceeded to the next part.  Twenty meters from the kubo was the barb wire part.  Bending and hopping to every wire was a challenging part to everyone of us because the group of cow, grazing just beside the wire and two of us were wearing red (I don't know if it's true that red is a striking color in the eyes of the cows.) But we hurried crossing the wire, just to make sure.  There were papa, mama and baby cows, happily living ever after.

After that challenging part, was a clean and open trail.  It's like the park with green surroundings and trees on the side.  Here, I saw the gorgeous rock formation of the mountain's summit and the silyang bato gave an exciting feeling for my poses.  The wind was a bit cooler compared to the previous part of the trail, so we stopped, look and listen - in short we took a rest!

Mt. Marami
Next part was an assault trail passing through the middle of the bamboo cluster, so be aware of your backpack and covers.  We already saw the camp site from this area, so we proceeded!  White ribbons with a red heart can be found to some shrubs that serves a trail signage.  Just thirty minutes and we already reached the camp site.

Mt. Marami
photo by Beth
There were two groups who were occupying the best part of the camp site - it was their reward for being the fastest, hehehe.  The camp site was actually wide; but the problem was, the horse and cows poopz were spread everywhere.  So we occupied the side with cogon because it was the cleaner part, well that camp site is better compared to some other mountains.

After we pitched our four tents, we cooked our foods for dinner.  While some were doing their chiors, some of us were dancing and doing the lifting keme.  We were all wearing our jackets, because the wind was really cold that time.  As usual, we were noisy while the other group were so serious talking about something that we didn't knew.

Mt. Marami
photo by Beth - we're preparing our dinner
It was late 8PM when we had our dinner.  And after dinner, we just kept the cooking stuff then begun our socials.  It was a happy socials because of Dick Gordon's commercial "wala butas aking pwet, action Gordon."  I really don't know if what's with that commercial, but it was the topic the whole night.  The wind was really cold and strong, so after socials, time to say good night.

Day 1 (Heading to Naic, Cavite)
Bus - Baclaran Bound for Naic, Cavite (66pesos per head)
ETD 9:30AM
ETA 10:21AM (beside Petron)
Walked few meters going to Magallanes Jeep Station
Took a Public Jeepney going to Brgy. Ramirez (36pesos per head)
ETD 10:35AM
ETA 11:25AM
Took a tricycle bound for Brgy. Ramirez Local Hall (10pesos per head)
ETD 11:30AM
ETA 11:35AM

Early in the morning, the fog was still thick . . we can't see the mountains surrounding the area.  The wind was still cold but we need to have coffee and bread, so cooking time again for our breakfast.  When everything was ready, we took our breakfast while still wearing our jackets.  After breakfast, we fixed our things and put it in our tents because in a few moments, we'll be going to the summit.

Mt. Marami
Silyang Bato
The summit is a walking distance from the camp site.  I am not so sure about the exact time frame to ascend, but I think it was just less than an hour and the trail is not difficult with a lot cogon on the sides.  The summit is composed of rock formation with plants hanging on it.  It is also the place where Silyang Bato can be found.  This part of Mt. Marami is perfect for my Buwis Buhay Pose.

Mt. Marami
We were on the summit for more than an hour, doing our poses.  But since the sun was starting to strike on our skin, so we went back to the camp site.  When we've reached the camp site, we ate the left over food, then started breakcamp but we had some issues,  read here: Problems.

When everyone packed up already, we left the camp site.  We followed the trail which we've used to ascend the mountain so it was a bit easier.  We had our late lunch at Nanay Mercedez house.

The sun was really hot that time, so we decided to move faster until we've reached the halo-halo store near the baranggay hall.  So, that's the first thing we did, order and then eat!  Then when we're complete, we cleaned ourselves at the store beside the baranggay hall and some were at the office's wash room for 20 pesos. Then we chartered a jeepney going to Naic, Cavite for 700 pesos (12 people.) At Naic (beside Petron) we took a bus going to Baclaran. Travel Time: 3 Hours and 30 minutes.

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