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Thank You! from TravellingCup

Last week of June 2012 when I decided to create a new blog inspired by so many Traveling Blogs across the country and abroad.  July 2012, when I finally created the concept of my new travel blog.  The same month when I started to post Kanidugan Festival fresh from Odiongan, Romblon.  Of course, I created that post to share what's with my hometown. 

Before the end of 2012 (probably 5 months), I actually reached more than 10,400 page views from different part of the world.  Here are my top five visitors.  Top Country who visited my blog came from my own country - Philippines with 4048 Pageviews; Second: United States with 658 Pageviews; Third: Canada with 219 Pageviews; Fourth: Russia with 187 Pageviews and Fifth: France and United Kingdom with 79 Pageviews.  So, you now do the math if how many countries and pageviews are remaining.  But again THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!

A lot of people including my facebook friends and twitter followers asked me why it's TravellingCup?  You may also wonder, right?  Here's my simple explanation: " we had several plans before with my friends to travel somewhere, we planned it within one month or more, but a week before the travel date, a lot of them cancelled, due to some problems "   that's really annoying, right?  So after those plans, I decided to travel alone, a travel which will last within 24 hours to save money.  I planned everything just for myself, if in case that someone wants to be with me, I am open for that, that would be fine.  Like what happened in my 30 Hours Historical Adventure in Bulacan.  I already planned everything, but when I shouted out in facebook about my plan, some replied that theyre were interested, but in the end, only Cath was my companion in the trip.

I also tried to travel alone within 24 Hours, like my Simple Life in 24 Hours in Mindoro, posted in the month of September.  That's one of the most challenging travel I had last year, I've learned a lot in terms of travel tips.  I wasn't able to prepare a lot for that trip because I was busy that week, then my aunt invited me thru text.  Since, I have nothing to do that time, I said YES! and it just happened.  The whole trip was an amazing experience.

This year, since I want to get more audience, I signed up on facebook and twitter to get more updates from other famous travel bloggers around the world.  Because of that strategy, I was able to reach a lot of people around the world, who are in the same interest.

In that five months, TravellingCup actually had a chance to meet a lot of famous people in the country.  Like being invited to visit the set of Extra Challenge and the fans day of The Amazing Race Philippines.  2012 is a busy start for TravellingCup.

2013 will be the start, conquering the southern part of the Philippines.  Here are the plotted travel: January will be Bloggers Climb; February will be Cebu; April to Odiongan, Romblon; June will be Kalibo, Aklan; July will be Davao; August to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  Those trips were already booked and it's within 24 hours, except the Romblon trip which will be within one week.

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting my travel blog.  Next year, I will be going to tour you to different gorgeous places around Philippines, so keep visiting www.travellingcup.blogspot.com, www.facebook.com/travellingcup and www.twitter.com/travellingcup for more updates!

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