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TravellingCup at Extra Challenge

"Extra Challenge" is GMA Network's original reality game show featuring celebrity challengers battling it out to become the week's Extra Challenge Champion!  If you're looking for a show that: can increase your energy level, a show that can change your lifestyle, a show that can define what's the difference between an Elegant and Exotic cuisine?

Get your planner, set an alarm in your phone and take note it's new time slot: 5:45PM every Saturday and 6:00PM every Sunday.  For more information and the latest update about this show, you can visit this facebook link: Extra Challenge follow them on www.twitter.com/ExtraChallenge

I am so happy that I was chosen and the the lucky one to visit the whole set of this amazing show.  My TravellingCup will be going to meet the three hosts?  What will be my reactions? I don't know!  But, night before the meet up date, I really can't sleep, I was thinking of what will happen on the set.  Who will be the challengers that I will be going to meet and greet, right? So, I have nothing to do that night, but to sleep tight but it wasn't a good night - pressure!

While in the van going to the location in Marikina, we talked a lot of things especially the show itself.  We also had an exchange of ideas for the show.  But, after few minutes, we built a good relationship with the Social Media Team and we were comfortable talking about some other things under the sun, moon and under the bridge, etc.

Together with GMA7's Social Media Team, here are some photos that my cellphone camera captured.  An experience which I will not forget in my entire life.  This team was really great, two thumbs up to them!! The Extra Challenge Team were absolutely helpful and they make sure that we were okay every now and then while watching them, working for shoot.
At the Explosion scene

Of course as part of the set visit, I was able to taste street foods in Marikina, 
which I am not always doing here in Manila, and I don't know why and what's in Marikina?
But, enjoyed it a lot!  like the squash ball made from  of course a squash
and fish ball made from a fish into a ball form,
the vendor tought us on how to cook this food, in his own style.

The weather that day wasn't good, but in that situation, I saw all the effort that the team exerted just to make the show "the great one."  Since the title is Extra Challenge, I actually expected that there will something else that will happen in the set for us, but good thing, there's none!

Ready  . . Set  . . Action . . Dapat may Extra!  Look at the sky in the photos below:

The Challengers: (from left to right) Luanne, June, Patricia and Berwin

The Hosts:

Richard Gutierez

Boobay wearing Pink
  This is the first time that I will be going to feature a certain show, wherein TravellingCup was invited to witness and interact with some important people behind Extra Challenge.  I will be going to wait for few more episodes of this show, just to feel the excitement in every challenges.  To all the Team in the set, THANKS YOU SO MUCH and keep doing your best to entertain us - VIEWERS!

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