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Plaridel Catholic Church

Plaridel Church
This is one of the Heritage Sites in Bulacan especially for the Catholics.  This Gorgeous structure is now 410 years old (as of 2012.)  The people in this area, with the help of the local government, are preserving it's historical value.  Around 1599 when Quingua (now Plaridel) was established.  During the British occupation (1762-1763)  this church was the place where the money and jewels of San Agustin in Intramuros, Manila were kept. 

Plaridel Bulacan
This church has an amazing interiors and designs especially the bell tower known as the Simborio.  The structure itself, has a thick walls and can be recognized easily that it is an old church because of the stains on the wall.

Plaridel Academy
the statue in front
Inside the church is a cool ambiance because of the thick walls. At the right side of the church is an Academy and is serving as root of knowledge for the future generation.  It is located on the side of the plaza and  it is just 70 meters away from the Plaridel Municipal Hall.

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