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Paoay Sand Dunes | Ilocos

After the century old Paoay Church, it's time for an amazing and extreme adventure in Paoay Sand Dunes.  By the way, a friend of mine, who is now working in middle east, I thought, Sand Dunes can only be found in the dessert countries around the world, but it's not! 

Here in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, we have the same feature and adventure that the dessert safari have. Also, this place is always part of the Filipino movies, like the dessert scenes.  Paoay Sand Dunes has extreme activities like 4 x 4 Ride, sand boarding and All Terrain Vehicle. 

The strong wind is the one that creates the dunes and the wavy-like formation on the ground.  The grayish sand of Ilocos is really fine and since it's light in weight, the wind can easily carry the sand everywhere.  From afar, I saw an oasis (I think) near the shoreline.  With trees and small lake (look at the picture above.)
 Paoay Sand Dunes

Paoay Sand Dunes

Paoay Sand Dunes
After the sunny adventure, we got sweat and sticky skin, so time to go back in our van while the rest were still enjoying the wind and the sand.  Our foot prints on the sand easily disappeared because the wind moves the grains of the sand fast.  After that tiring activities plus our stomach were all starving, we decided to leave the site and proceeded to our next destination which is Vigan City for their Empanada.

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