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What to Visit in Bulacan

Bulacan History
Bulacan was established on August 15, 1578. It is a first class province of the Philippines which is located in Central Luzon. Bulacan houses the very first three republics: 1. Republic of Real de Kakarong de Sili (1896) in Pandi, Republic of Biak na Bato (1897) and the First Philippine Republic in Malolos (1899-1901) – Wikipedia.com

Today, the Province of Bulacan is one of the rising tiger in terms of economy. This is one of the provinces that focus on tourism as part of their livelihood. Who can say no to tourism? Remember, this province is the house of many national heroes and artist of today. But, what can we visit if you drop by here, check the list below and click:
Barasoain Church – Malolos City
Biak na Bato National Park – San Miguel, Bulacan
Yungib I
Yungib II
Yungib III
Bahay Paniki Cave
Dakip - Bulakan, Bulacan
Plaridel Church – Plaridel, Bulacan
San Ildefonso Church – San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Bahay na Pula
Casa Real Shrine - Malolos City
Baliuag Church – Baliuag, Bulacan
Baliuag Clock Tower – Baliuag, Bulacan
Bulacan Capitol – Malolos City
Guiguinto Old Train Station – Guiguinto, Bulacan
Jose Cojuangco Mansion - Malolos City

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