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Mt. Manabu | Hiking for FREEDOM 2012

Mt. Manabu
Preparation for Mt. Manabu | It's been a month for the group to furnish everything that we'll be use, like the t-shirts, bag tag and baller for this Nationwide Event for all the mountaineers, the Freedom Climb 2012.  It took two weeks for our preparation in the food menu, tent distribution, the participants, what to bring and other stuff like that.

Batang Hamog
It was my first BATANG HAMOG MOUNTAINEERS FREEDOM CLIMB 2012, every member of the group participated for this event.  Since most of us were first timer for this mountain, and some were really the first time to hike, we prepared our gears and our muscles for every instances that might happen during the climb.

Fiesta World Mall
First Challenge that we encountered was: waiting for Ginger and Ryan in Fiesta World Mall for almost two hours.  We actually did everything; like photo shoot, eat and dance while other people were staring on us.  Second Challenge:  because we ascended late, it was too dark when we've reached the middle part of the mountain. Third Challenge: some of the first timer gave up, so we need to give them moral support.

If there were challenges, we also noticed good things in this mountain; First: it's really good to see a nipa hut that sells fresh coconut juice that revitalized our body.  Second: Mang Pirying added another flavor on our climb, he owns the nipa hut which is midway along the trail.  He gave us his homemade "kapeng barako," fresh from his thermos - so after two coconuts, I drunk 4 cups of coffee, hahaha, I LOVED THAT FEELING. More Energy mas Happy!

Mt. Manabu
Because of the short, easy trail and garden-like environment, Mt. Manabu is advisable for beginners.  On the summit, you can see the short grasses on the ground and it is perfect for all kind of tents.  You just need to put your bag on the ground first, then, do the inhale and exhale exercise - enjoy the fresh air.  You can also use your mobile phone and update your twitter and facebook, because network signal are strong while you're enjoying the mountain views.


Mt. Manabu or "Mataas na Bundok" is a just one of the summits of Malipunyo range.  Susong Dalaga and Malipunyo summit are the other peaks of this range.  Before reaching the summit of Mt. Manabu, you can actually see how green this mountain is.  Your two to three hours walking along the trail is really rewarding; the green grass, flowers and trees guide you through its simple trail.

From the mall, we rode in a jeep going to Brgy. Sulok, the jump off and the registration area. The travel time is within 20-30 minutes don't worry about the road, it's concrete and wide.  Look on the photo below, captured an hour after starting the trek.

Batang Hamog
After pitching our tents, wiping our faces with wet wipes, rested for few minutes, then time to prepare our dinner.  Some were cutting the ingredients, some were grilling the meat and some were cooking the rice.  There was also another group on the other side of the camp site doing the same thing.  The first group, we don't know, already started their socials.

Mt. Manabu campsite
After building a harmonious relationship with others, while cooking, time for dinner! While having our dinner, the area was covered with fog. Kakatuwang experience to. Para parin akong nasa girl scout. The other group joined us, perfect start for socials.

Mt. Manabu Camp site
After eating, took a short rest, then fixed our ground sheet.  Prepared ourselves for the big social event that night, together with the four boys from other group. The photos captured during the socials cannot be published for security reasons that may affect our lives. Arte much! But after socials, here's what happened; a lot of empty bottles and wrappers were at the entrance of my tent, so I placed them to Red's tent, hahaha.

Mt. Manabu
Dami naming kalat oh . . . ako may kagagawan nyan, sa tent ng iba ko nilagay.
We woke up early because it was so cold and the light from the sun already penetrated our tents.  But, I was shocked, the others were ready and almost done preparing for our breakfast.  After breakfast, we changed our outfit to the real Freedom Costume with matching LGBT flag and the Philippine flag.

Batang Hamog
Picture taking with our newly found friend!

Mt. Manabu Camp site
Umagang-umaga, puro mga busy mga kababayan ko oh!

Mt. Malipunyo
Mt. Malipunyo  <- click it for more details!

Mt. Manabu
Ang bagong-bagong tent ko, uang summit palang n'ya ang Mt. Manabu, pero look, natutuwa akong makita ang matingkad nito kulay. Medyo matataba ang mga damo na tirahan ng mga insekto at data, kaya medyo delikado kapag may mga pag-kain sa loob ng tent, may posibilidad na kagatin ito o butasin ng mga rodents.

Batang Hamog
All the participants of Freedom Climb 2012
Descending the mountain was easier compared to ascending.  We didn't feel exhausted about the trail, we were walking while taking a lot of photos.  The trail was wet because of the rain shower or maybe because of the fog, I am really not sure about it.  What I am sure about that time was, the owner of the house at the jump off will be preparing us a tinolang native na manok.

Batang Hamog
When we reached the registration area, rested for few minutes, took a bath while waiting for our food.  Wash rooms with water are available at the jump-off. When everyone was done cleaning, we took our late lunch together at the cottage.  We were all silent while eating, no one was talking, no one was joking, we're all busy doing same thing - eating!  When we're done eating, our body started getting more energy. We had a video and photo shoot by the gate and even in and on the tricycle.  With "Call Me Maybe" as our song of the day.

We chartered a tricycle from Sulok (jump-off) going to the bus terminal. I didn't know what terminal it was, but the drivers know it.  At the bus terminal,you can choose your desired destinations.

HOW TO GET HERE: (Here's what we did)
We took a bus from Alps Bus Terminal (EDSA - Cubao - Southbound) going to  Tambo Exit.
Then, we rented a jeep going to Fiesta World Mall (you can do everything there or take your lunch.)
From there, you can take tricycle or rent a jeep going to Brgy. Sulok - the Jump-off point.

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