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Borawan Island | White Sand Near Manila

Borawan Island
 This post is part of my event " Lamyerda sa Borawan "

Borawan Island is a small islet is located in Padre Burgos, Quezon, Philippines.  According to the caretaker I spoke to, the name of the islet was given by Father Vargas who discovered the islet.  This islet is made up of a large stone in irregular shape, covered with grass and trees.

Fifty years ago, this island was purely large stone situated in the middle of the sea and boat can pass through some of the opening of the stones.  But in 1978, the nearby residents were surprised in the appearance of the white sand beside the large stones.  As added by the caretaker, the water level became lower compared before the level before.  And between 2007-2008 they opened this gorgeous islet to the public.
white sand near manila
As the year goes by, because of its crystal clean water, white sand shore and amazing ambiance, this islet including Puting Buhangin, Dampalitan Island and the other islets nearby became famous to the tourists because of the articles and stories by some travel blogs, websites and social networking sites.

white sand philippines

September 2012, when the owner and management of this islet built cottages along the shore and with the stones at the background.  The cottages added a gorgeous ambiance to this islet, resulting to attract more tourists.  But, if you are saving more money, you can actually bring your own tent and just pay your entrance and the space of you tent.  Entrance: 80 pesos, Cottages from 700-1000 pesos, and wash room usage 10-20 pesos, Tent Space: 200.

quezon province

Borawan Island
If you  are looking for an amazing island getaway, this place is perfect for you.  Your eyes will see the beauty on the earth and you will then think on how we're fortunate to receive this gift.  But, to maintain this beauty, you need to make sure that you follow the regulations that the management created.  For more information and contact number of the caretaker of Dampalitan Island, please LIKE then PM www.facebook.com/travellingcup.

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