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Marikina Shoe Museum

This is part of my Ang Buwan ng mga Museo
As a person who loves Imelda Marcos and the history, visiting the famous Marikina Shoe Museum is a dream come true and highly recommended; since it's one of the programs that allow the public to see the elegance of the past. This museum is situated just few steps from Marikina Church and the Metro. But sadly, that day we were only two in the museum, me and a girl from New Zealand. One of the reasons maybe because it was a rainy? I don't know, I am just hoping that in the future, many Filipinos  will appreciate what's in the museums. See the photos below taken in the museum.

Pair of shoes, from the former President Ferdinand Marcos
The museum also has the collection of shoes donated by some influential people; from politics and entertainment industry.  Like former Presidents Manuel Roxas and Ferdinand Marcos; Senators Loren Legarda, Meriam Defensor Santiago, Jose de Venecia, Bong Bong Marcos; Comedy King FPJ, Christine Reyes, Lisa Macuja Elizalde, and many more.

It is said that a lot of shoes in these collections were specially handcrafted by the shoe makers from Marikina and were given to the former first lady, as a gift. Like the photo above, showing the signature of the former first lady Imelda Marcos, everything seems to be special. Because the idea, designs and effort of the shoe makers were exerted just to please the imeldific taste of the first lady.

State dinners, state visits, press conferences and other gatherings - these shoes were worn by Imelda and serve as the silent witness happened during her time.

The designs and details of the shoes in Imelda's collection are really glamorous. The quality of the leather, beads and stones decorated on each piece is in the high standards.

Imeldific - that word was created and was being place to the vocabulary, which means beauty and elegance, which pertains to the Imelda Marcos herself. At the second floor, there's a huge painting; I tried checking on the details, however I wasn't able to get the painters info and the year, or maybe I already forgot. Imelda is still young on this portrait and if that's the case, maybe it was painted few decades ago. Agree? So meaning, I am not born yet. Medyo 20-ish palang kasi ako eh.

In every corner of the museum, you'll see paintings and photographs which were captured few decades ago. Some photos were actually taken from a mansions and palaces in different parts of the world. Main subject is the former President Ferdinand Marcos with the first lady, together with some worlds powerful individuals.

Inside the museum, you'll see the wood cabinets which are covered with clear glass. Each divider contains pair of shoes which are stunning, the color and the materials were properly selected by the maker to be paired to the first lady's terno

Photo above shows how the shoe makers use their hands to create a new footwear. Sawing machines, cutters and leathers are always part of the tools on the makers table. After Marikina Shoe Museum, I proceeded to the Philippine National Museum in Manila. More photos and info, click here. To see more photos and my stories in this travel, click here.

From Cubao Aurora, ride a jeepney bound for Cogeo or Padilla. Alight at Robinsons Metro East. Walk on the footbridge crossing Sumulong Highway. Few meters from the footbridge, take a ride in a tricycle going to Marikina Shoe Museum. Approximately 10 minutes travel.

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