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Tigbauan Church | What to visit in Ilo-Ilo

Tigbauan Church

This was part of my Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 2

So, after visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Miag-ao Church, the sun was almost saying good bye and I felt few rain drops on my skin but I didn’t cared about it, I was still hoping to visit this Tigbauan Church. Beside Miag-ao Church, near the plaza, I rode a jeep going back to Ilo-Ilo City, but now, I didn’t pay for my fare first because I was still observing the weather. Since, there were students getting off the jeep near Tigbauan church, so I did the same.

Historian found it difficult to establish the exact year when Tigbauan Church was originally built or established. It is believe that there had been no parish priest when the church was established, but it could be possibly between 1575 to 1580 when F. Luis de Montoya was assigned as Prior. This church underwent a lot of repairs because of the natural disasters like earthquake. The said repaid was lead by different people who served as the church leaders.

What to Visit in Ilo-Ilo
Tigbauan Church is considered a classic example of a Spanish Churriqueresque style. In building the facade, they used local reddish coral stone and limestone quarried nearby. The carvings were done by the selected and famous Chinese/Filipino artist of their time. I didn't enter this church because there was a mass on going.


From Super, near Robinsons mall, take a jeep going to Miag-ao or San Qoaquin, then on your left side you will see the other old churches of Ilo-Ilo; like Guimbal Church, Tigbauan Church and lastly Miag-ao Church.

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