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Guimbal Church | What to visit in Ilo-Ilo

Guimbal Church This was part of my Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 2

After Tigbauan Church, I travelled less than 20 minutes going to the town of Guimbal where Guimbal Church is situated. The weather wasn’t that good, but my aim: "To visit this 400-year old church" is a must. Based on the appearance, Guimbal Church has a similarity to 410-year old Plaridel Church in Bulacan with regards to its appearance.

Guimbal Church or St. Nicholas of Tolentino Church  doesn’t have any record to when I was erected or established. But however completed between 1769 and 1774 under Friar Juan Campos. In 1893, it was further enlarged but later was destroyed by fire during the Revolution in 1896 to 1898.

Guimbal Church
This church of Guimbal was built from coral stone and yellow limestone through forced labor. The design is more on Spanish Colonial Style. The columns placed on the facade were added as additional support and has an artistic design. But I noticed that the road in front of the church is on a higher level than the floor of the church.


From Super, near Robinsons, take a jeep going to Miag-ao or San Qoaquin, then on you left side you will see the old churches of Ilo-Ilo, like Guimbal Church, Tigbauan Church and lastly Miag-ao Church.

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