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Kanlungan ni Maria

Kanlungan ni Maria is a Filipino word which litirally means Maria's shelter.  It is an institution that deals with the elderly; focusing on the health, food and other personal necesities of all the members.  It was opened in 2002, through Father Daryl and with the help of his friends.

(photo above: Me and Nanay Dina) One activity that anyone can't forget was the face painting.  Look at my face, Nanay Dina tried her best to put the paint on my face and the result - I was like a new bloom flower. She actually removed her eye glasses while starring on my face while putting the color.  She was really serious about it.

The people standing here are the May birthday celebrants.  We prepared a piece of cake just for them.  Their smile was the sign that they were so happy about this celebration.

After the tiring activity, we had our merienda together.  I admit, our meal was so simple, but when I saw the faces of our grandmas, that was a fulfilling moment.  I felt that I already helped the entire country (Iam just kidding)

Here was our group picture taken at the gate of Kanlungan ni Maria.  We were 14 in total, but one person took this photo, so sorry for him, he's not included here.  Next time I will create a collage and put his 1 by 1 id picture here.  Again, to all the participants here, we thank you for your effort and for bringing happiness to our grand.  This will just be my start in this kind of program, I will support any program that could help the others.

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