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Sombrero Island, Batangas

I didn't knew that this island was a part of our Mt. Gulugod Baboy Adventure.  All I knew was a beach for our side trip and that's it, but when they offered to visit this islet, we said YES.  I've been hearing different stories about this island, so no worries in terms of budget, we just in need of ATM.

After our Mt. Gulugod Baboy and Pinagbaderahan adventure, this is our sidetrip.  A sidetrip that wasn't planned, but everything just rolled accordingly.  Sombrero Island is located Mabini, Batangas, almost 30 minutes boat travel from the shore.  This islet has a shape which is almost the same with a baseball hat.  The beach on the side of the islet is a pearly white which has a clear and clean waters.  On the sea bed, round white and black pebbles can be found that added a great scene.  There are also sea animals around the island, so it's really perfect for snorkeling (good thing that I brought my goggles, underwater camera and swimming cap.)

This island is like a small hill surrounded by sea water.  As what you can the picture above, the brown grasses added a unique colors which looks like chocolate hills in Bohol.  The pearly white beach facing the shore of Anilao is noticeable as it reflects at sun rays.  The blue sky and the cumulus seemed to be playing with the islet. 

Since Anilao is well known for being the diving spot capital of the Philippines, expect for a great scenery underwater, even snorkeling will do.  Different kind of fish, sea corals and many more can be seen using your goggles.  Your underwater camera will be a great asset to capture the moments on how the living creatures underwater do their choirs and how they build their own community. 

 We were not prepared to visit that islet, so the scene while we were there was like a Survivor.  Our tents, since they were wet because of the fog, we put this on the bamboo that was connected to two huge boulders on both sides.  Then we used ropes and tied each of the corners of the tents to stones, creating a roof like structure that covered us from the harmful sun UV Rays.  Our food were the left over we had last night.  It was a unique experience because we were able to survive to that kind of environment and we're proud of it!

Since the whole islet was surrounded by sand, pebbles, stones and boulders, I enjoyed a lot doing my Buwis Buhay Poses like the photo above - that's my signature pose. The entrance was 150 pesos then the boat rental was 2,500 pesos.  We all learned a lot while we were there and doing the camping. I just want to share, there were two crows living in that islet, and they were flying back and fort.  I don't know what's the story about that birds, maybe they were creating their own family, which I don't care! hahaha.

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