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Paghalukay sa City of Payns

Baguio City is known as the City of Pines and the Summer Capital of the Philippines.  But aside from that title, this city also is the house of the gorgeous tourist spots that every Filipino wants to see. 

The last time that I visited this beautiful place was during Panagbenga 2010, where I was able to experience the cool weather.  I also visited different tourist attractions that gave a huge impact to the history of their city.  Since I already visited almost all the tourist spots there, but I was still hearing about the ukay-ukay (second handed clothes) which I didn't experience before.  So, that's our official reason why we'll be going to visit this place.

March 2, 2013 - today is really hot, so right after leaving the office, I went to the supermarket and bought what I've missed yesterday.  When I've reached my apartment, I opened the TV and my laptop and so on.  After checking my e-mails, I took a 2-hour nap that made me late reaching the terminal.  In this post, I'll star my story from the terminal, so when I reached the terminal, I proceeded to the convenient store nearby and we waited for more than an hour there while waiting for our departure time.

11:30PM - the bus left the terminal in Cubao.  We took Victory Liner Bus No. 6034 which was our bus when we went to Baguio for "Celebrate Love and Lust at Mt. Pulag"  As usual, that driver knew how to drive well.  So when the light in the bus was turned off, I slept for few hours but every time that we were at the stop over, I woke up.  The trip was amazing, although I didn't see the surroundings which the other provinces can offer.

6:15AM - time of arrival in Victory Liner Terminal in Baguio City.  After getting off the bus, we went to comfort room and did some personal things, refreshed ourselves and did some make over.
6:20AM - started walking, going to Session Road.  The weather that time was great.  The cool wind was blowing our shawl that's on our shoulder.  There were people who were also walking along the road.  Food stalls  and flower shops were present in the middle of the road.  The road was full of gorgeous flowers that added different colors into it.

7:09AM - we had our breakfast at Mcdo- Session Road and spent 85 pesos only.  William was also there, with us and having a cup of coffee.  We had few minutes conversation before leaving the fast food.

7:33AM - we went to Baguio Cathedral first because Wewen wanted to pray before going to our next destination.  After staying there for few minutes, we walked again going to nowhere until we decided to go to Burnham Park.

8:00AM - reached Burnham Park.  Ambiance at the park was great.  There were some people jogging on the sidewalk wearing their jogging pants and jackets.  There were also some family gathering.  After sitting and taking pictures at the park, our next destination was the Ukay-ukay across Burnham Park.  We spent few hours in there searching for Patagonia shoes.  The huge building was occupied by different stalls.  And there was actually an instance which we lost inside the building.  When we were tired already, we asked the police near the building if where's the right way going to Mine's View Park.  The officers were so kind to every tourists in the area.  So, we've got the right terminal.  For 10 pesos, we took a jeepney going to our next destination.

10:05AM - arrived in Mine's View Park. It was a 20 minutes travel from the terminal to this place.  Entrance was filled with tourists and were taking photos.  At the entrance area, vendors in souvenir shops were offering their products to every people that were passing by.  Plants like cactus, flowers, shirts, local delicacies and other items were displayed there.  We also had a chance to take photos together with the Saint Bernard for 50 pesos per 3 photos.  In this park, you also have access to view the gorgeous mountains nearby and some part of the city.

10:44AM - we left Mine's view Park.  Took lunch near the entrance.  I spent 85 pesos for my lunch.  After eating, we refreshed ourselves, we went to comfort room and then walked along the road going to Good Shepherd' Convent.  While on the way, I bought shawl for 80 pesos, unlike in MVPark, it was 120 pesos, so it is advisable to buy here - much cheaper.  Few meters from Mine's View Park will be Good Shepherd's Convent which is one of the famous store that sell pasalubong items.  After a long break in their, we went back to the entrance of MVP and took a ride going to our next destination.

12NN - we took a jeep near Mine's View Park entrance going to Botanical Garden for 8.50 pesos.  Along the way, we saw The Mansion and it was less than 20 minutes travel period.  The entrance of Botanical Garden has a black mural on the wall.  The mural contains the history of the ethnic people in the province.  Inside the garden were flowers in different colors and shapes.  The cool weather was a great factor why the children enjoyed playing on the ground.  We also saw some pasalubong shops in some part of the garden.  The rain just dropped, so we ordered isaw and barbeque while waiting for the rain to stop.  When everything was fine, we decided to take a rest in SM City Baguio.

After Botanical Garden, we took taxi going to SM City Baguio for 55 pesos.  I was shocked because at the entrance I saw a lot of people falling in line.  And when we entered the mall, WOW thousands of people were there.  The mall has opening in both sides that the cold wind can pass thru, so no cost for air conditioner.  We went to the comfort room first, then proceeded to the 3rd level and took few hours rest.  There was a car show ongoing along the road by the side of the mall.  After taking rest, the three brotha just came and then we had few minutes conversation.

Went to Warren's Castle somewhere in the city.  We had a long coffee break in his house while we were in bare foot.  We took a rest for more than two hours and sharing laughter.  We were all staring on TV and watching news while waiting for the rain to stop.  And when the rain stopped, we walked going to Victory Liner Terminal and bought ticket bound for Manila.  We've got 11:50PM departure.

After we bought the tickets, we walked again going to the Baguio's best restaurant for our dinner.  We took our dinner at Glenn 50's Diner.  The wind was cold penetrating my dry-fit shirt, but I was okay that time.  Outside the resto, where customers waiting for their turn, while the others were eating inside.  Of course we waited for few minutes to take our turn.  Inside the resto were photos of Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood stars of the 50's.  The ambiance was really good.  Food presentation was absolutely artistic and the taste was outstanding, plus the facet that the prices were friendly.
After the sumptuous meal, we walked back to Session Road.  The wind was still cold, it was few meters so we burned all the calories we took.  Along the Session Road were tourists and locals who were busy walking along the road.  Challenge that night was Finders Keeper.  After few minutes, there were fireworks appeared in the sky.  The color, style and effects were really beautiful and outstanding. 

When everything was already fine, we went to the road beside Burnham Park for the Ukay-Ukay exhibit - as in exhibit of different second handed ready to wear, I forgot the name of that street!  I bought a mountaineering jacket for only 150 pesos.  So after all the efforts we've did for this trip, one jacket is the result, can you imagine that.  I think the exhibit ranges from 50-100 meters length by 6 meters wide. 

After the Ukay-Ukay  challenge, we went back to Session Road to buy plants.  But, unfortunately, when we arrived at the flower shops, they already started closing their shops.  So, cactus wasn't good for me, my tears just came out my eyes (just adding drama).

It was already 10:30,  after the tiring walk from different places in the city, we went to the bus terminal.  We cleaned ourselves using wet tissue and we relax while sitting on the floor.  A lot of passengers were there waiting for their trip schedule.  At 11:50PM, we left the terminal.  I didn't recognize the stop overs and everything happened while we were on the road.  I woke up when we were already Quezon City.

That 24 - hours trip to Baguio City was amazing.  I will not forget the time we spent just to buy the Ukay-Ukay in that 6 hours travel trip.  "More time spent in travelling, More success stories to read".

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