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Bahay Bakasyunan and my TravellingCup

December 10, 2012 was plotted to my TravellingCup's planner.  My TravellingCup loves the ambiance of Bahay Bakasyunan located in Sitio Balimbing Plaza Aldea, 1910 Tanay, Rizal.  That was the first time that Travelling Cup experienced a team building with Team Gihon in this gorgeous place.  The people here was really great, they were so kind to every visitors.  They provided us a great and remarkable experience in our lives.  

Bahay Bakasyunan is the perfect place to those people who loves physical challenges good for family outing and company team buildings.  We were able to experience different activities, such as tag of war, mud slide and many more.  Look at the photo on upper left of this post, that is the perfect view of the pool located at the peak of the mountain with the mountain views inside the Bahay Bakasyunan.

On my next post, I will be going to post some photos of the activities that we've tried on the special day.  So, guys, be ready and keep on checking my updates at www.twitter.com/travellingcup or www.facebook.com/travellingcup.

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