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Quezon City Circle

December 23, 2012 - two days before Christmas, I decided to do a half-day shift in the office, I need to be in Quezon City and attend the Christmas Party of our church and meet all the visitors.  At 12NN, I was able to reach the location in Krus Na Ligas.  After the program, activities and gift giving in the Church, with the youth, we went to Quezon City Circle to have a short bonding.

The sumptuous Pancit is the main course that we enjoyed.  Ooppss of course Pancit is the only food we had and the tinapay I can't forget because of something that happened.  From 4PM, I saw the sky from a sunny ambiance at that time, until time that the sky has its orange background.  Look at the photo above, the tower really adds a gorgeous shadow effect in the orange sky.  I felt that I was in the mountain that moment because of that amazing sunset.

While we were waiting for someone or I mean for them, I took this picture, my plan was to get a Panorama Effect, but due to some technical issues that I encountered, I wasn't did that.  Now please be contended to the photos below.

The Management Built a lot of stalls like divisoria just in main entrance so that people can buy what they want this Christmas Day!  And the prices are really cheap, actually I bough my jogging shorts here for just 100 pesos, unlike to some others stores, it's 180 pesos.

The green grass on the ground, since it's December, the fresh air was really cold, the people are really enjoying in different activities like jogging, playing volleyball, and some other games which I don't know.

8PM I left the group but before I left the whole park, I saw this guys with a robot costume, walking really like a robot. The people were trying to put coins in the can and that robot begins to move.  That was great, before I saw a cartoon character walking in the street, but this time a new one.  You guys if have time, try to visit this this and maybe in December 26, I will there again. See Yahh. . . .

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