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Merry Christmas!

Christmas and New Year can be considered as one of the most important dates in a year.  Like those people working in other countries and even here in Manila, they assure to be with their family in these dates.  But me? 

Christmas and New Year are just an ordinary days,  I don't know why.  But, since I worked here in Manila, and my family are in Romblon, I already stopped celebrating those special days with them.

Take note: For me Christmas Celebration - should be done everyday, so everyday we need to practice giving and be thankful for all those blessings we have.  Giving is the essence of Christmas, so it's not about the date, it's not about the celebration.  I always share what are those blessings I received, even in the smallest things, because I do believe that " what we share is what we will receive in double or even triple " - so that's I am waiting - the return, hahaha.  So again, Happy Holiday!

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