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Tanggapan Cave

Aside from the ambush Cave, Hospital Cave and Imbakan Cave, you can also visit this cave nearby.  In this cave, I felt sad because of some writings on the walls, it was written by some tourists who visited this cave.  I think the guides and management should do something else to prevent vandalism to all the heritage sites in the country.

This cave serves as the office and the recruitment area of the Katipuneros (Filipino Revolutionaries) including Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, for their new members .  This is also the place wherein the new recruits were being oriented about the plans in fighting against the Spaniards.

This time, the ambiance inside this cave is cool and good, because the ceiling is higher (unlike during Katipuneros.) According to the guide, the reason why the ceiling became higher was that, several storm flooded the whole area and deepen the soil elevation inside the Cave.

perfect view of Mt. Susong Dalaga
After reminiscing that important historical event, just a short walk then you'll see this view. Farming industry is the main source of their livelihood in the area. Trekking is the only way to reach this location, so please be advised to bring trail water and foods; also don't forget to bring flashlight with you for some of the dark caves.  You can also bring insect repellent lotion for insect bites.

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