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Starlite Navigator

The once in the life time experience in North Uyao was very rewarding.  I enjoyed a lot everything in that province.  The people were to kind to me.  And the fact the it's my first Solo Travel, so I really love it!
After the amazing experience in North Uyao, Roxas Oriental Mindoro, while I was on the way going back to Manila, I took another sea vessel from Calapan Port to Batangas Port.  That was my first time to visit Mindoro, and that was also the first time to take the Starlite Navigator.

I love the ambiance of Starlite Navigator, because it has an open space on the top, and the fresh air can pass and penetrate intire roof deck area.  Suggestion: need to have more improvements on the comfort rooms on the RD. 

My entire travel with this vessel was great because passengers that time was lesser compared to the maximum number of passengers, so I was able to do everything.

the Starlite Navigator few meters away from me

the main entrance. . . with my red carpet walk. .

here's the open space on the Roof Deck

the gorgeous Sun set

I enjoyed this sceene while on travel.

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