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2Go former SuperCat

As part of my Simple Life within 24 Hours, I took this fast craft for the fastest way.

I left Manila so early, but I took the bus which wasn't on the fast lane route, so I arrived in Batangas so late, since I need to reach Mindoro early, I took this sea vehicle for 1 hour travel time.

The Supercat Fast Ferry Corporation (Supercat) is a shipping company that operates a fleet of High Speed Catamarans (HSC) in the Philippines and is part of the transport and logistics service arm of 2GO Group, which is fully owned by the Negros Navigation.[1] Supercat is the sister company of SuperFerry & Cebu Ferries. Supercat is currently operating 7 vessels in 7 ports around the Philippines. - article from Wikipedia.org

I had a chance to travel using one of their vessels with Batangas Port to Clapan Port route.  This Company was great; from Ticketing crews - they instructed me on what to do next; Time - they stick on the schedule - departure: 10:30AM arrival: 11:30AM, at exactly an hour, we arrived on the port of destination; Vessel - the vessel itself is clean,  has an adorable color and has a outshining design; they have complete in terms of Facilities.

For inqueries and reservations, you can check their website, click this link: SuperCat.

arrival at Calapan Port

I hope this company will remain or even exceed on the customer's expectations!

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