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JLC Foundation

I just want to share these photos, captured last 2008 at Philcoa, Quezon City, Philippines.  These children needed a financial support, so, instead of giving monetary supports, JLC Foundation organized a feeding program to these children just to make sure that they have enough vitamins.
look at the child on blue, though the food was ordinary, but still the happiness is still on their faces.

praying before eating is the perfect act to thank God
for everything.

everyone was so busy, both mother and their children were waiting
for the foods to be serve.

now, think if we need the RH Bill

entertainment is going on, today maybe this child is older

rice, sinigang plus papaya? perfect combination

These photos captivated my eyes and heart, and now these children are active in participating JLC programs. I am posting it, as part of Batang Hamog Mountaineers Outreach Programs on Saturday at Dumagat Tribe.

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