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What to Visit in Romblon - Daigon 2013

December 23, 2013 - Odiongan is a town located in Tablas Island in the Province of Romblon. This is the town where I grew up and got my education. It is an honor for me to witness an event called Daigon 2013. Daigon is a local word which literally means: "A Christmas Carol," so it is more on music. This program was created by the local government of Odiongan participated by different Baranggays and their officials.

The floats assembled at Brgy. Tabin-Dagat, beside the “Parola,” passing ESTI, straight ahead, then left turn by the corner of MLhuiller in Brgy. Liwanag. Then, straight to the street going to Brgy. Dapawan, left turn to the Street passing the New Market area, then took the highway in CocoVille area to the Plaza. The convoy was led by the Police Patrol Car.

 Governor Firmalo was also present on the event. He was wearing the golden gown with a crown on his head (please see the photo above) he was with his daughter Trina.

The atmosphere in Brgy. Tabin-dagat was really good. The sun set was almost there. The photo above is the towns Bay Walk that showing the gorgeous bay of Odiongan. Below are the photos of the floats who participated the event. The quality is not that good, but still you can see the art and effort exerted by the officials and the residents. Everything attached on the floats were all native (excluding the wires, etc.); from coconut and cogon leaves, dried hanging plant leaves, roots, trunks, flowers and etc.


Team May-Ri

 Team BaTuGa

Brgy. Ligaya

Brgy. Amatong-Dapawan

 Brgy. Tulay

 Sorry! I forgot the name of this Brgy., I talking to someone when they arrived.

 Team Tabobo-an

Team MaBaHao
The image portrayed on each floats were all about the Holy family (Joseph, Mary and Jesus.) According to the Bible, child Jesus was born in a manger, so the goats and sheep were present on the parade. The officials were bringing the traditional “suyo” or the torch. The floats also contain Christmas lights and decors.

 Odiongan Catholic Church

Photo Above: Odiongan Public Plaza was ready for the huge event. The drums, microphones, lights, chairs and the likes were perfectly set for the arrival of the floats. Look! The color of the chairs were blending with the color of the sky and the background.

Food stalls were also set at the main entrance of the Pink Basketball court. But the way, that pink stadium was constructed for more than 6 years; I was actually in college when the construction begun, but at least now, only the glasses are the one's missing on the windows. Hopefully next year, the whole set up will be done! Going Back, the most waited part of Daigon 2014 was the rockfest. There were live performances given by local bands and performers. Unfortunately, I went home after the float parade. By next year, if I'll be given ample time to spend my holidays with my family, I'll grab that opportunity.

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