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As a support to LGBT community, I am proud to bring this special event. The main purposed of this event is to promote and unite the LGBT community for the acceptance in the society. We all know that the so called "third sex" is still not welcome in the society, in some ways; so this is the perfect time that all the members, friends, families and supporters should unite and to be "as one." COME AND JOIN US!

1. Send an SMS to 0917 707 9662 or 0999 392 6899 in this format: HOMORUN: <FULL NAME> , <MOBILE NUMBER>, <EMAIL ADD.>, <MEET-UP LOCATION>

Meet-up locations to choose from:

Gateway Mall, Cubao
Tri-Noma, Quezon City
Blue Wave, Marikina

*Race packet will be given once registration form is filled up and payment has been done on the spot!

2. Shoot an email to eventbundles@gmail.com with subject: HOMORUN 2014.

3. For more information regarding the whole event, please visit this link: HomoRun2014

The sound of the horn signifies the go signal for the run. Everyone crosses the start line and goes through the run route passing by Bases 1, 2 and 3, each symbolizing the objectives of the run. The first one who arrives at the marked line will determine the top 10 participants (e.g. first finisher - race # 2001, automatically, the next  9 numbers from 2002 to 2010 are considered the top 10 participants who will receive special prizes). In this run, it is not important if you know the participant next to you, it is time that each and everyone cheers for each other. Because after all, we are ONE. Aerobics exercises will be conducted while waiting for all runners to reach the marked line. Once all participants are at the marked assembly area, everyone will cross the finish line at the same time.

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